About that Lord of the Rings TV series Amazon is working on . . .

Interesting! That Amazon Lord of the Rings TV series will focus on Numenor and the Second Age. This is actually a pretty cool idea. Sauron himself will almost certainly be a character. I would bet that the series focuses on him slowly corrupting Numenor. Also, the emergence of a resistance against him.

Numenor is also a confined location, and it could be shot mostly on sets, so it wouldn’t prove quite as expensive as shooting in New Zealand on location (if they went that route).

Tolkien wrote an unfinished love story about characters in Numenor. It touches on broader events, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the two proud lovers of that story are characters, or at least inspire characters.

Other characters, ancestors of Aragorn, develop a resistance to Sauron later in the timeline. I would expect the series to be set then.

I will miss traveling through Middle-Earth, though. That is part of the appeal of the saga, so hopefully we will see some of Arnor and Gondor, too. And that would be in keeping with the timeline.

What do you think?