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New York Times and USA Today┬ábestselling author Jack Conner lives in Austin, Texas, a city of sunshine, live music and great Mexican food. He’s been reading and writing all his life, always gravitating toward the fantastic. Inspired by the great fantasy writers, from Howard to Tolkien, from Lovecraft to Martin, he writes stories of constant tension, unrestrained longing, looming darkness and danger. You can contact him directly at jackconnerbooks@gmail.com .



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  1. Normally I’m not one for phantasy/sci-fi, but when I came across The Atomic Sea:Part One I said WTF to myself. The next thing I knew I had downloaded Part Two and was ripping through it.

    By the gods, man, you have talent. (And from one Texan to another: you have the good sense to live in the coolest city in all 254 our counties.)

    Keep on writin’ because I will keep on readin’.

  2. Not only does it sound amazing, it is! I thoroughly enjoyed the electric atmosphere (literally), the beautifully described characters, creatures and scenery, but also the vividly rendered action and political intrigue. Feelings of impending tragedy, pervasive melancholy and loss were seamlessly incorporated into what I hope will be a heroic protagonist. This is a creative and well executed story. I stayed up to the wee hours to finish Volume One! Highly recommended it.

  3. Jack,
    I just finished The Atomic Sea and thoroughly enjoyed it. You paint a a vivid picture of a dangerous world on the brink of destruction. Only true heroes can save it!
    Don D.

  4. I read your book, Atomic Sea, back in 2015…just read it again and I just wanted you to know you’re brilliant!! I’m very picky about books and your one helluva writer!!! I’m working on buying all of your books and I did post my review on Amazon and Goodreads. JacqueB63 is my user name. I’m off to start the next book in the series, but had to tell you that I absolutely loved this book!!!! Thank you!!!!

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