Stars Wars meets . . . Lovecraft?


I’m a very happy geek right now. I just finished reading the new standalone Han Solo arc (the graphic novel), and I can’t stop grinning. Why? Because there are now Lovecraftian horrors in the Star Wars universe.

That’s right, and without giving away too much, there does at one point appear in the story a giant tentacled monstrosity from another dimension. I could not be more excited. Star Wars already had wizards, knights, spaceships, pirates, smugglers, monsters galore, all the tropes of epic fantasy as well as science fiction, but until now it lacked that one crucial ingredient: Lovecraftian horror.

Now Star Wars has it all, baby! The SW universe has just about every cool geek thing that you could imagine. Heck, it even has fish-people.

I can’t wait to see what use they make of other-dimensional horrors now. Was it just a one-time thing, or will they try to incorporate other psuedo-Lovecraftian terrors into the ‘verse?

To be sure, the Lovecraftian element is very minor, of course. The comic is mainly about expanding on the idea of intersteller racing as introduced in “Bloodlines” — but with great art and a cool OT vibe.


You can find the book here:


Have you read the comic? What do you think?