Behold! The winner of October 2015’s Monthly Mutation!

This month’s winner of the $100 Amazon Gift Card is Mark James Featherstone with his wonderful image of a Collossum priest.

Monthly Mutation

Here are some of the runner-ups. The first is a wonderful mask made by Paul Hyson:

Mask 1Mask 2Mask 3

Next we have a cool sketch by Johan Tieldow:


Finally a saucy and sinister variation on the mermaid by Ashley Poteet:



2 thoughts on “Behold! The winner of October 2015’s Monthly Mutation!

  1. Wow, that’s an amazing version of a Collossum high priest. Mean yet torpid. What is the mysterious object he is holding in his hand. And is that Mark James Featherstone’s face?

    Hyson’s mask is just nasty. And frightening. And love the shiny black coat. Like the teeth coming out of the nostrils.

    Tieldow’s outreaching hand makes me want to flinch backward.

    Poteet’s mermaid is just charming until I scan below her hips. Disturbing.

    Mr. Conner, I think you should consider having a favicon contest. Think of the possibilities! Tentacles! Eyeballs! Lightning! Screaming mouth!

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