Map of the World of the Atomic Sea

The world of the Atomic Sea.

The world of the Atomic Sea.

4 thoughts on “Map of the World of the Atomic Sea

  1. Is the world of the Atomic Sea set on Earth? Some of the pre-human intelligent life forms seem to me to suggest this may not be the case, but I am not sure.

  2. I trust there was a second thought where you realized you were nowhere near the Shire.

    As a linguist I can tell you almost all humans tend to be geo-centric, meaning other worlds – both real and imagined – and everything in them, languages included, are inevitably measured against our own.

    The resulting perception is that anything unfamiliar tends to appear like everything else that’s unfamiliar.

    Hopefully, as you read more fantasy, you’ll develop a more discriminating palate, because Conner’s place names are really nothing like Tolkien’s. . .

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