Who are Rey’s parents in Star Wars The Force Awakens?

Rey from Star Wars


THIS is a fascinating article about who Rey’s parents might be in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Yes, we’ve all been led to believe she’s Luke’s daughter, and she might well be, but if so why didn’t they just come out and say so? It seems strange to hold something so obvious back. Then again, that could well be the case. But let’s speculate wildly anyway!

Warning: spoilers to follow!

Personally, I like (but don’t entirely buy) the theory of the article’s writer, which fits what we know about what had been the original opening shot of the movie: Luke’s severed hand gripping the lightsaber spinning down through the abyss in Bespin. That could have been conceived simply to explain how Luke’s lightsaber came to be in Maz’s bar, but it could easily fit the other theory, that Luke’s hand was used to create a clone of Luke — a clone that, according to the theory, turned out female.

In any case, Keylo Ren seems to have been aware of Rey. As soon as he learns of a “girl” helping BB-8, he freaks out. Why would he have done that if he didn’t know of Rey’s existence? And if a clone of Luke Skywalker had been made to oppose him, he might well know about it and have done something about it, perhaps in the process stranding her on Jakku.

Han definitely seems to know something, or else why the sly cutaway when Maz asks him who Rey is?

And it makes sense that the Resistance might want a clone of Luke. If he had abandoned them, why not simply make a new Luke? And of course the meaning of the name Luke has to do with light, and “Rey” is a homophone for “ray”, as in a beam of light, so there’s that.

On the other hand (cough), it’s hard to imagine Disney signing off on having their new main character for Star Wars be a clone concocted from a severed body part. They would probably want a naturally-born human as the new face of Star Wars. So in all likelihood Rey will turn out to be Luke’s daughter (or granddaughter?). I’m fine with this, although it does seem a bit less original. Still, it feels satisfying, and the new Disney approach to Star Wars is all about being satisfying. The other way is a bit too edgy and weird. Not that there’s anything wrong with being satisfying. At this point I’m over the moon to be satisfied by a Star Wars movie.

A little edginess would be all right, though.

But what do you think? Any other conspiracy theories about Star Wars: The Force Awakens?