Help! I’ve become infected by the Atomic Sea!

Okay, here I am, fully transformed . . .

This is to kick off the Monthly Mutation, where I will ask readers to create pictures of themselves as people infected by the Atomic Sea — fish-people, crab-people, octopus-people, whatever. They can be created using make up, Photoshop, paint on canvas, anything, and they can be simple or fancy.

I was going to give the winner (picked by me, at least for now) an Atomic Sea T-shirt and a signed copy of the first print book, but I think I’m going to change that. I really want this to be successful, and to do that I need tor really encourage everyone to send in their best stuff, so I’m going to offer $100 Amazon Gift Card to whoever wins . . . every month!

I was helped along in my transformation by the wonderful make-up artist Kat Mitchell of Austin, Texas.

To view the official Monthly Mutation page, go here:


Fishman Jack


Fishman Jack







For comparison, here’s the before picture:

Author Photo


4 thoughts on “Help! I’ve become infected by the Atomic Sea!

  1. Oh sh**! You’re a normal looking guy. When I googled Jack Conner, I got this bloated bloke. Maybe that was the real before guy?

  2. I don’t know about the first few photos , but that last one is sure terrifying!!!! lol Keep up the good work with the books they are a pleasure to read . Waiting with baited breath for the next book.

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