Empire of the Worm: A Tale of Fantasy and Horror

Empire of the Worm: A Tale of Fantasy and Horror

When the young prince Davril refuses to sacrifice to the terrible gods his family worships, they wreak a bloody vengeance and only he can set things right.

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About the Book

When Davril, the youngest prince of the Empire of Qazradan, refuses to sacrifice his beloved Alyssa to the terrible god his family worships, he ushers in what might possibly be the End Times. The so-called god had been keeping an even more awful being at bay, and now it has come.


Qazradan will become . . . the Empire of the Worm.


Only Davril can stop it, but how can he when war has destroyed the empire, demons walk the streets, and Davril himself is on the run from bloodthirsty cultists?


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